Activating Your Digital Publisher Audit

How your Digital Publisher Audit enters the marketplace.

Audit Disclosure Report

At the conclusion of the initial audit, a disclosure report is issued to AAM’s Media Intelligence Center and posted in your Brand View profile under the Reports Library tab. The report consists of two sections:

  1. A management letter addressed to the client that summarizes the auditor’s opinion and conclusions about the audit.
  2. An exhibit that outlines the scope of the audit and specific information that relates to a client’s digital advertising operations.

Please view this prototype report for more information. The shaded areas are unique to each client.

Note: Visit the Your AAM Brand View Profile section of this support center for more information about customizing your profile and Overview tab, which will include a new logo: “Audited by Alliance for Audited Media,” for media brands that complete the Digital Publisher Audit. The Overview tab must be activated within your profile for the logo to appear.

The IAB Tech Lab Compliance Registry

Publishers that successfully complete the audit are included in the IAB Tech Lab Compliance Registry, a free online resource that lists companies that have successfully completed select industry compliance programs.