Business directories and list sources

Business media sources for qualified nonpaid circulation

Circulation classified as “Business Directories” represents nonpaid circulation served to individuals whose names were selected from business directories or obtained from lists and added to the circulation file.

A “directory” is a generally available public listing, by class or alphabetically, of names, addresses and other data.

A “list” is generally a customized list of individuals purchased or rented from a third party that is based on publisher-requested criteria. It is typically not for public use.

In paragraph 3B Age of Source the publisher discloses nonpaid circulation by source and age of request.

Age of source data analysis

All circulation classified as Business Directories or Lists, is acceptable if all of the following criteria are met:

  1. Recipients’ names are obtained from a business directory or list.
  2. The directory or list provides sufficient demographic data to confirm the recipients belong to the field served and meet the definition of a qualified recipient.
  3. The directory or list is not older than 36 months.
    • The date of a list is determined by the preparation date on the list.
    • If a specific date is reflected on the cover of a directory, that is the date used to age it.
    • If a directory reflects a year (i.e., 2012 Directory), the date used to age it is January 1 of that year.
    • If a directory reflects a range of years (i.e., 2012-13 Directory), the date used to age it is July 1 of the first year.
  4. All records to support the above requirements must be maintained for auditor review