How to check the status of a media audit

Use the Audit Status Report to keep tabs on audit progress.

AAM’s Media Intelligence Center is primarily known as a place to analyze data and view Brand View profiles. But did you know that there’s a place in the Media Intelligence Center where you can check the status of an audit? The Audit Status Report lets users know where the publication is in its audit cycle and when the final report is released.

To use the report, search for a group of titles and select one or more publications by checking the adjacent boxes. Then click the Analyze Data button.

Select titles and click Analyze Data button

From the selection of tabs, click on Audit Status.

Select the Audit Status tab

The report displays your selected titles along with their city and state of publication, the period-ending audit date, the date of audit release, the audit status and the date of the last status change.

the audit status screen

To filter by audit status, click on the Filter By Audit Status text link and select an audit status.Filtering by audit status

The resulting report only displays publications with your chosen status.

Filtered results

To redisplay all status designations, click on the Filter by Audit Status link again and select Latest Released Audits and all open Audits.

Refreshing the audit status filter