Explanation of affiliated publications

Learn about this publication group and how it effects newspaper reporting.

An affiliated publication is any publication owned and operated by an AAM newspaper client. Examples of affiliated publications include community or foreign language newspapers, market coverage products or magazines. Affiliated publications are included in the newspaper’s total combined average circulation, and additional details are broken out on quarterly reports and audits.

If you see “Affiliated Publications” on AAM reports, here are some quick facts to note:

  • May be any frequency (i.e., weekly, monthly, quarterly)
  • All distribution reporting categories for the core publication are available for affiliated publications
  • May be print, digital or both
  • If a print affiliated publication doesn’t have editorial content, it must carry free-standing inserts (FSIs) and have a product name that’s known in the marketplace
  • Digital affiliated publications must be consistent in character with the client's print newspaper, although advertising may differ
  • Affiliated publications are not reported separately for community newspapers (CNA)     

Example of how affiliated publications appear on newspaper reports

This is an example of a report for Anytown News. The main newspaper’s total circulation is broken out, followed by the total circulation of each affiliated publication. Total combined average circulation includes the main newspaper and all affiliated publications.

How affiliated publications are broken out in the Circulation Summary section

Under Circulation Data by Publication, the main newspaper and each affiliated publication’s circulation is broken out. Here is the breakdown for the print and digital versions of Anytime Today, an affiliated publication of Anytown News.

Affiliated publications broken out in Circulation Data by Publication section