Home Delivery - Address Specific

News media qualified circulation

Applicable Rule: C 3.1 (a)/C 103.1 (a) Qualified Circulation - Home Delivery - Address Specific

Subscriptions or single copies delivered to individual residences at the publisher’s discretion (often referred to as sampling) are eligible as qualified home delivery - address specific if the following requirements are met:

  • Delivery is to residences for personal use by the recipients.
  • No more than one copy per residence is distributed.
  • If delivery exceeds one day, an opt-out notice is required.
    Minimum notice requirements:
    • State the delivery term and frequency.
    • Include opt-out instructions to include at least one nondigital opportunity (e.g., phone, direct mail).
    • Be presented in writing via a post-it, postcard or letter attached to the paper, wrap or similar medium. Email notification is not acceptable.

Note: Free digital subscriptions are eligible as digital qualified subscriptions if the consumer requested, activated and accessed the digital edition of the publication. Log files must be maintained to verify access. 

Program Example:

  • A retailer opens a new store in the area and wants to distribute newspapers to homes in the ZIP codes surrounding the store with a special coupon or wrap. The publisher knows and has on file the exact residential addresses for delivery. The delivery is for Monday-Friday for six weeks.