Identifying news media digital replica and nonreplica

Requirements and examples of replica and nonreplica digital editions.

Applicable rules: C 2.3/C 102.3 Separate Editions

To qualify as a replica, a news media digital edition must:

  • Be consistent with the print edition in layout, editorial and advertising content (i.e., looks like the print edition, but in a digital format)
  • Include the run of press (ROP) advertising

A replica digital edition may:

  • Exclude free standing inserts (FSIs).
  • Include updated news content or additional advertising.

Example: Digital Replica

Example of a news media digital replica.

To qualify as a nonreplica, a news media digital edition must:

  • Be consistent in character and editorially homogeneous with the print edition.
  • Be news-focused, but advertising may differ.
  • Refer to the main newspaper product with wording such as “Brought to you by…” or “Powered by…” if it has a different title from the print edition.
  • Require either a paid digital subscription to a restricted website or activation of an account that requires a username and password.

The most common types of nonreplica editions are mobile apps and restricted websites with paywalls.

Example: Digital Nonreplica Restricted Website with Paywall

Digital nonreplica restricted website with paywall.

Example: Digital Nonreplica Restricted Website Free Access Activation

Digital nonreplica restricted website free access activation.

Example: Digital Nonreplica Mobile App Free Trial 

Digital nonreplica mobile app free trial

For a quick review of how digital replica and nonreplica editions differ, watch this video: