Magazine Media 360° report overview

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Magazine Media 360° is an industry report managed by AAM that measures magazine audiences across multiple platforms and formats, including print and digital editions, websites and videos. Released quarterly, Magazine Media 360° provides audience information for U.S. magazine media brands featuring data from MRI-Simmons, Ipsos and ComScore. The report is free to download and is available in Excel.

This two-minute video provides a quick overview of the reports and highlights the kinds of information you can learn.


FAQs about Magazine Media 360°

What is Magazine Media 360°?

Magazine Media 360° is an AAM produced industry report that measures magazine audiences across multiple platforms and formats (including print and digital editions, websites and video) to provide a comprehensive picture of magazine media reach. Magazine Media 360° uses data from leading third-party providers, which AAM releases quarterly.


What does Magazine Media 360° measure?

The Magazine Media 360° report measures the audience for media brands by aggregating print audience, website (desktop/laptop/mobile) unique visitors, and video unique viewers for each brand. Comparable data in the same period last year is also provided.


What is the frequency of the report?

The Magazine Media 360° is released quarterly in February, May, August and November.


Is Magazine Media 360° a new report?

AAM has taken over management of the report from MPA—The Association of Magazine Media which began producing the report in 2014. The data has been included in AAM clients’ Brand View profiles for several years.


How can I access the report and what does it include?

The report is available for download on AAM’s website and data for individual brands is also included in AAM Brand View, housed in the Media Intelligence Center. The report includes an alphabetical list of each brand’s year-over-year Magazine Media 360° data—both in total and by platform. 


Who is eligible and measured in the report?

There are two paths for inclusion in the Magazine Media 360° report:

  • Print audience data - Magazine brands are eligible for inclusion in the Magazine Media 360° report if they have available print audience data in the MRI-Simmons USA Survey (print and digital editions), an MRI-accessed prototype or the Ipsos Affluent Survey USA within the reporting period.

  • AAM clients – AAM magazine media clients, including digital-only publications, are eligible for inclusion in the Magazine Media 360° report provided they are measured for digital audiences by Comscore (web visitors, mobile visitors or video viewers) and have active AAM membership within the reporting period.  


What is AAM's role?

AAM compiles the print and digital audience data from participating data providers by title and produces a comprehensive industry report.


How is magazine media defined?

Magazine media are brands that either currently or historically publish a print edition and may also produce and distribute brand content on digital platforms such as websites, social media and video.


What are the sources of Magazine Media 360° data?

Magazine Media 360° uses reputable third-party data to provide a complete view of the magazine media ecosystem. Participating data providers include MRI-Simmons, Ipsos and ComScore.


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