Nonrequested, back copies and print-to-digital conversions

Magazine media digital issues


A digital issue made available without request or payment from the recipient is eligible for inclusion on AAM publisher’s statements and audit reports as analyzed nonpaid circulation. Proof of engagement with the digital issue must be confirmed.

  • Market coverage – If name of recipient is known.
  • Nonpaid bulk – If made available to unknown consumers (not derived from a list source) or access is to an unrestricted website.

For the audit, proof of access to each issue by unique individuals is required. Please contact AAM to discuss documentation available for the audit of your digital analyzed nonpaid circulation.

Back Copies

Back copies are not permitted for subscriptions to the digital issue.

For three months following the on-sale date, single-issue sales of the digital issue are eligible for inclusion as paid single copy provided the purchaser specifically ordered the back issue.

Print-To-Digital Conversions

Publishers may convert existing print subscribers to digital service and claim the circulation on AAM documents if the consumer is asked and agrees to the conversion. If the subscriber is unresponsive or declines the conversion, the digital circulation served to these individuals is not eligible for inclusion on AAM documents.