Qualifying digital issues as verified individually requested

Magazine media digital issues

A digital issue requested by individuals (including free trial issues with 'til forbid subscriptions) is eligible for inclusion on AAM publisher’s statements and audit reports as verified circulation if the following requirements are met:

  • A request from the recipient for the digital issue.
  • At least two consecutive issues are served.

A request is defined as an affirmative action to accept the digital issue. The consumer must be clearly presented with the name of the magazine, term, delivery platform and action needed to accept the digital issue. The request must be dated and annually reconfirmed by the recipient.

Examples of acceptable request actions for a digital issue include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Download of an issue onto tablets, eReaders, smartphones or other mobile devices
  • Creation (registration) of an account
  • Online by checking a dedicated box to request the magazine
  • Online by entering a name and email address for the sole purpose of accepting the magazine

Examples of unacceptable actions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Pre-checked box
  • Completion of personal information without specifying the action is to accept the digital issue
  • Single action to accept multiple products or services that include the digital issue
  • Embed the request in terms and conditions
  • Download of app only (without downloading any issues)

For the Audit

The publication must support the digital request and consecutive issuance (minimum two consecutive issues). The following are options to consider to support the digital issue request:

  • For direct mail, retain a copy of the request either electronically or hard copy.
  • For telemarketing, retain a recording of the phone call.
  • For online efforts
    1. Double opt-in: After consumers opt in online, they receive an email asking to confirm the request or activate the subscription by clicking a link. This link goes to a landing page and captures all unique email addresses that land on it. Retention of the unique emails that clicked through the link are acceptable proof of the digital request.
    2. A third-party vendor, such as Trusted Forms, that captures consumer activity online. The captured screen shots by the credible vendor are acceptable proof of the digital request.

For subscriptions not supported by one of the above efforts, subscriber-level contact (sampling) is necessary to confirm the digital request. Please contact AAM to discuss documentation available to support your digital issue requests.