Membership subscriptions

Magazine media paid promotional programs

Related rules: F 2.3/102.3

Subscriptions included as a benefit of membership to an organization, association, club, or publisher branded membership program. To qualify as a membership subscription, the following AAM requirements apply:

  • All members must be notified that their annual dues or membership payment includes a subscription to the publication.
  • The amount allocated for the subscription must be no less than one cent.
  • The portion of the annual dues, membership payment or contribution allocated to the subscription must be clearly stated on every invoice or renewal notice.
  • Additional details such as the amount allocated to the magazine, whether the magazine allocation is deductible or not from dues, and other non-promotional references may be included in the notes section of AAM reports.


  • Branded membership programs create a membership program associated with a magazine brand and offer a variety of rewards and perks for the membership fee, including a subscription to the magazine.
  • Subscriptions to a privately-owned publication purchased by a membership program that does not submit its membership records for audit by AAM, are classified as sponsored sales subscriptions, provided criteria for sponsored subscription rules are met.

Branded Membership Example:

Benefits of AAM Fashion Club:

  • Access to various prestigious fashion shows
  • Discounts on high-end clothing and beauty items
  • Access to all AAM Fashion Club podcasts.
  • Print subscription to highly acclaimed AAM Fashion Magazine

_______ YES! I want a one-year membership to AAM Fashion Club.

Enclosed is my $500.00 check for membership. I understand that $24.99 will be applied to a one-year print subscription to AAM Fashion Magazine.

Name: ______________________

Address: ____________________

City, State, ZIP: _____________

Email: ________________________

In this example, the AAM Fashion Club is a branded membership program associated with AAM Fashion Magazine. The consumer is notified that the print subscription is included with membership and the value of the subscription is at least one cent ($24.99).


AAM Reporting


  • Magazine subscriptions obtained from a membership program (i.e. club, associations, branded membership, etc.) are reported as Membership under Paid Subscriptions.
  • Optional descriptions of the membership program are available in the Notes section of the report:
    • This publication is served to members of ________membership organization where $ ________ of the dues are allocated to the magazine and is deductible if member wishes to decline the magazine.

    • This publication is served to members of ______ membership organization where $ ______ of the dues are allocated to the magazine and cannot be deducted from the dues.