Making changes to reporting frequencies

New requirements provide greater flexibility in how news media report circulation.

As part of the U.S. news media simplification initiative, AAM updated the requirements for day-of-week and averages reporting. The new requirements provide greater flexibility in how you report your circulation, so your data best reflects your newspaper’s distribution plan and how you sell advertising.

Frequency Reporting Options
U.S. news media clients can now customize reporting by selecting their own weekday average and any power days. You are still required to report Sunday circulation separately. Here are a few examples of how you might report your circulation:

  • Newspaper A
    • Tuesday-Thursday daily average
    • Sunday

  • Newspaper B
    • Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday daily average
    • Sunday
    • Wednesday power day

  • Newspaper C
    • Monday-Friday daily average
    • Sunday

  • Newspaper D
    • Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday daily average

The combinations should best represent your circulation for the week, including continuing to report by day of week. You should also ensure that the representative day you use for paragraph 3 reporting is included in the average you choose. Always report Sunday circulation separately, if applicable.

Notifying AAM
To ensure you have a seamless filing experience, please notify AAM of any changes you want to make before you begin filing data by using this form.

If you have any questions about choosing your reporting averages, please contact AAM’s Tim Leen at 224-366-6435.