News media Brand View profile tab descriptions

AAM Brand View is a free online interface that ties together all of a publisher’s media options in a single, trusted place. Listed below are brief descriptions of the metrics and information published in AAM Brand View profiles.

Overview: The home page of a Brand View profile, which may include promotional text, graphics, video and a direct link to the publication’s media kit.

Audience: Available to publications that report readership information via Nielsen Scarborough.

Print Distribution: Populated with the news media's latest released data.

Affiliated Publications: Provides a quick look at a publication’s applicable affiliated publications, which are publications owned and operated by an AAM news media client.

Distribution Map (U.S. only): This tab displays U.S. news media’s ZIP code distribution via a heat map, providing:

  • A quick visual of a publication’s ZIP code data and percent of household penetration.
  • Filters by frequency, state, circulation and applicable affiliated publications.
  • Downloads to Excel.

Digital: For publications that report website metrics such as unique browsers, monthly visits and page impressions.

Social: Reports engagement metrics such as likes and followers for publications that report social media information.

Newsletters: Reports average net distribution of email newsletters.

Apps: Features unique devices and page impressions.

Learn More: Features a publication’s advertising contacts, special events, charitable work or other information they would like to share with media buyers.

News Media Statements: All news media profiles include the most recent report embedded in the window with historical reports available in a drop-down menu. 

Reports Library: Reports Library is also a standard tab in Brand View. It provides access to current and historical audits.