Combination sales – single copy

News media paid promotional programs

Applicable Rules: C 1.1/C 101.1 Paid Circulation and C 1.3 (a)/C 101.3 (a) Combination Sales

When two or more different priced publications are sold together (newspaper or periodical), the circulation is eligible as paid single copy if the following requirements are met:

  •  The selling price of the combination package is at least one cent per publication, net of considerations.
  • At all locations where the combination is sold, each publication is independently available for sale at a price less than the package.
  •  None of the publications are stated or implied as free, no additional cost, no extra charge, complimentary or other synonymous language.


When a combination package is offered on a single-copy basis, three purchase options (“stacks” of publications) must be made available at all retail locations, including vending machines: the combination package itself and each publication included in the combination package separately.

A qualifying purchase price for the combination would be at least the selling price of the highest priced publication plus one cent for the second publication.

Example: The selling price for Publication A is $1.00 and for Publication B is $1.00. The combination price must then be at least $1.01.


Example: Two-Newspaper Single-Copy Combination Sale

Buy the daily Illinois Today and the Daily Wisconsin Gazette together for only 50¢.

(Each paper available separately for 49¢ each)


Example: Newspaper and Magazine Single-Copy Combination Sale

Buy the Sunday Illinois Today and the current issue of Chicago Hotspots magazine for only $2.00!

(Illinois Today available separately for $1.00)