Paid subscriptions using the word “free”

News media paid promotional programs

Applicable Rule: C 1.1/C 101.1 Paid Circulation

If part of a subscription term is promoted as free, the entire term of service is eligible as paid individual subscriptions if the following requirements are met:

  • Promotional materials state the subscription term and frequency.
  • The purchase price is at least one cent, net of considerations.
  • Contract portion of the offer states the full-delivery term and purchase price of the subscription.

The contract portion of the solicitation is:

  • The direct mail piece where the consumer chooses the purchase option (i.e., by checking a box).
  • The order page on the Internet (or shopping cart summary).
  • The point of verbal agreement in a telemarketing script or inbound call.


  • If part of a term is presented as free in easy pay offers, the promotional material must contain language that implies value to the free term.
  • Copies presented or implied as free without the contractual statement of full term and price are only eligible as qualified home delivery address specific.



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