News media paid promotional programs

Applicable Rule: C 1.1/C 101.1 Paid Circulation

Premiums - Individual Subscriptions

Anything offered as gifts to individuals for purchasing a subscription. This includes free items and discounts. Subscriptions sold with premiums (gifts) are eligible as paid individual subscriptions if the following requirements are met:

  • Promotional materials state the subscription term and frequency.
  • The purchase price is at least one cent, plus the full value of the premium.


Subscribe to one year of The Gazette at regular price and get a Great Buy gift card worth up to $100!
YES, sign me up or renew my 7-day subscription today!
_____ 3 months @ $35.00 - get a $30 gift card.
_____ 6 months @ $65.00 - get a $60 gift card.
_____ 1 year @ $105.00 - get a $100 gift card.


Premiums – Single-Copy Sales

Newspapers sold in a package with nonpublication products (i.e., coffee, soda or donut) are eligible as paid single copy if the following requirements are met:

  • All items in the package and the package price are clearly identified.
  • During the entire promotional period, the nonpublication product(s) is sold separately to everyone for a price less than the package.
  • The difference between the package price and the price of the nonpublication product(s) separately is the implied value of the newspaper and must be at least one cent, net of all considerations.

Copies presented or implied as free are only eligible as qualified public access.


Buy a 12 oz. coffee, a donut and a Sunday Illinois Today for the low price of only $1.50!

12 oz. coffee sold separately for $1.24.
Donut sold separately for 25¢