Public Access (retail/business, distributed to apartments, racks and other distribution)

News media qualified circulation

Applicable Rule: C 3.1 (c)/C 103.1 (c) Qualified Circulation - Public Access

Nonpaid single copies distributed to the consumer via public access. Public access of the publication can be either publisher or carrier/distributor controlled. For copies to be included in qualified public access, the following requirements must be met:


Copies requested by a business for distribution to its patrons.


  • Hospitals and nursing homes
  • Restaurants
  • Doctors/dentists offices
  • Other public locations (e.g., barber shops, salons, retail locations)


  • The business/organization requests or agrees to receive the copies
  • Copies are easily accessible to patrons


Distributed to Apartments

Copies distributed in common areas of multi-unit residential buildings.


  • Delivered to residential apartment buildings and other multi-unit residential buildings.
  • Copies are easily accessible to residents in common areas.


Racks and Other Distribution

Copies distributed via racks or other nonresidential locations.


  • Copies are delivered to a public location.
  • Copies are easily accessible for pick-up and use by individuals.

Note: Advertising checking copies, service copies, etc. are not eligible to be reported as qualified circulation.