Subscriptions sold with other services

News media paid promotional programs

Applicable Rule: C 1.1 Paid Circulation

Subscriptions included with the sale of other services such as cable television, Internet or phone service, are eligible as paid home delivery if the following requirements are met:

  • The consumer takes affirmative action (opt-in) to accept the subscription.
  • The same offer presents the service for purchase without the subscription.
  • The cost of the other service on its own is less than the package cost. The difference is at least one cent, net of considerations.
  • The invoice, receipt or billing statement for the other service itemizes a qualifying price for the subscription separate from the cost of the other service.
  • Copies presented or implied as free are only eligible as qualified home address specific circulation.


Sign Up for Direct Digital Cable Today! Sign up for Direct Digital Cable today for only $29.99 per month and get a 7-day Illinois Today subscription for only an additional penny per month. That's $30 for both cable and the newspaper!

Contract for Direct Digital Cable

_____ Yes! I want to add a 7-day subscription to Illinois Today for only an additional 1¢ per month.

Monthly Billing Statement for Direct Digital Cable Service (portion)

Cable.... $29.99

Illinois Today Subscription.... $00.01

Taxes, Fees, etc..... $ 5.00