Postal only audits

FAQs about AAM's postal only audit solution.

What is a postal only audit?

A postal only audit is conducted by AAM in accordance with the USPS standards. Publications typically use this audit to qualify for periodical class mailing permits.

Does my publication have to be a member of AAM to undergo a postal only audit?

No. Some AAM members have postal audits conducted on a regular basis in conjunction with the circulation audit. Membership to AAM or having a circulation audit is not required to conduct a postal only audit.

How do I know if my publication qualifies for periodical mailing privileges?

The USPS eligibility standards state that a publication must fall under one of five qualification categories:

  • General Publications
  • Publications of Institutions and Societies
  • Publications of State Departments of Agricultural
  • Requester Publications
  • Foreign Publications

For more information on requirements, visit the USPS site.

Is there a certain number of issues required for conducting a postal only audit?

AAM can conduct a postal only audit on just one issue as long as all necessary information is provided.

What happens when the postal audit is complete?

AAM provides a copy of the postal audit for you to sign. We also send a copy of the postal audit to the USPS on your behalf.

How can I prepare for a postal only audit?

  • Ensure all the necessary paperwork has been submitted to the USPS prior to beginning the audit with AAM. This will help alleviate any processing issues that may result in delays.
  • Know your entry point. (The primary post office where the publication is mailed).
  • Remember that USPS rules differ from AAM rules; the audit is conducted in accordance with the USPS rules.
  • Once the postal audit is sent to the USPS, they will make the final decision on qualification. AAM will not know the status of this decision. Please allow the USPS sufficient processing time.
  • Make sure all necessary documentation is available for AAM to conduct the postal only audit. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
    • Circulation worksheet
    • Statement of mailing for the audited issue
    • Printer’s invoice for the audited issue
    • Subscriber level data and proof of payment
    • Paid and/or requester offers

If you are interested in obtaining a postal only audit, please contact Danielle O’Connell, VP, client development, at 212-271-0708.