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Reporting web and social media metrics

Reporting web and social media metrics has never been easier. AAM’s automated digital assurance program streamlines the reporting and distribution of verified web and social media data. AAM automatically collects, validates, and reports web and social media data monthly to provide publishers and buyers with an accurate look at these digital metrics. This guide reviews the available metrics, where they are reported and simple steps to get started.

Reportable web and social media metrics


Page Impressions: A digital metric that counts how many times a web page element is displayed on a user’s screen. One request by a browser should result in one reported page impression.

Unique Browsers: A measurement of unduplicated, cookied browsers that accessed the digital content of a site during the period reported.

Visits: A series of interactions with a site by a unique browser or user without 30 minutes of inactivity.

Reportable digital metrics: web page impressions, unique browsers, monthly visits

Social Media:

Activity: The number of likes or followers of a brand’s social media channel during a given reporting period (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter/X, YouTube and TikTok).

Reportable social metrics

Getting Started

Step 1: Fill out this form with the following information:

  • Contact information (name, company, email, phone number)
  • Website URL, app name or Other Identifier
  • GA4 account name
  • GA4 property ID
  • Associated social media properties

Note: If you have multiple web properties, click 'Add Web Property' for each additional property.

Click 'Add Web Property' for each additional property.

Step 2: Grant Access to Your GA4 Account. Grant aam.digital.ga4@gmail.com “viewer” access to your account(s).

Note: View these instructions if you need help granting viewer access or locating your GA4 account name or property ID.  

Grant viewer access to your GA4 account

Step 3: Review and Submit. Double check the information included in the form. When ready, click the ‘Submit’ button.

Note: Once submitted, AAM will filter and validate the web/social data. AAM will discuss any anomalies found and review how to resolve them.  

Submit form

Released web and social media data

Your web and social media metrics will be available in the following areas of AAM’s Media Intelligence Center:

Brand View Profiles (Updated the 5th of every month)

Brand View profile example


Six-Month Publisher's Statements

Publisher's statement examples

Cross-Media Analyzer

Cross-Media Analyzer

For questions or assistance, please contact AAM.