Understanding print and digital reach on June 2024 publisher's statements

With the June 2024 filing period, business and farm media will report total print and digital distribution numbers that better reflect a publication’s reach. In this edition of Ask AAM, we break down this new reporting system.

What are the categories of qualified print and digital circulation?

As with past statement periods, total qualified distribution may be comprised of three categories:

  • Print only
  • Digital only
  • Print/Digital Unduplicated

Print/digital unduplicated circulation is when a subscriber receives both the print and digital editions of the publication. These subscribers are reported only once (unduplicated) in total qualified circulation.

While the categories haven’t changed for the June filing period, the calculations to arrive at the print and digital numbers have. Under the new system, publications reporting print/digital unduplicated will see that total print and total digital do not equal total qualified circulation. However, the new calculation will provide a more accurate reporting of print and digital reach.

How are print reach and digital reach calculated?

Below is an example of circulation as if entered in the issue-by-issue section of the Publisher Filing Center:


Here are the calculations for the qualified nonpaid circulation categories that appear on the publisher’s statement:

Print only + Print/Digital unduplicated = Total Qualified Nonpaid Print
1,290 + 1,567 = 2,857


Digital only + Print/Digital unduplicated = Total Qualified Nonpaid Digital
3,372 + 1,567 = 4,939


Print only + Digital only + Print/Digital unduplicated = Total Qualified Nonpaid
1,290 + 3,372 + 1,567 = 6,229


How do these numbers appear on a publisher’s statement?

Below is how print, digital and totals will appear on a June 2024 publisher’s statement:


Note: Publishers only need to file print only, digital only and print/digital unduplicated figures. AAM calculates the totals.

Please contact AAM with any questions.