Verified individual use

Qualifying verified circulation.

Related rules: F 14.1/114.1

Verified individual use circulation are copies for individual users who may have an affinity for the publication and are distributed to individual addresses at private residences or business offices intended for personal consumption by the addressee. The recipients are individuals whose names were either obtained from a list-type source or who specifically requested to receive the magazine. Below are the key requirements for qualifying verified individual use for AAM reporting:


  • Individual recipients should have an affinity for the publication.
  • The copy served must be the current subscription issue being distributed.
  • Only one copy per household may be reported as verified individual use.
  • May be requested or obtained through recognized sources of individuals (i.e., directories, lists, etc.) that may have an affinity for the publication.

Note: For Digital Verified Individual Use:     

  • The recipient must request and reconfirm annually to receive the magazine digital issue.
  • A recipient who receives the digital issue via a list type source can only be counted as verified individual use based on their access of the digital edition.
  • Proof of access is not required if the recipient requested the publication.
  • Non direct request sources should be within 36 months of age.

Note: For sources exceeding 36 months of age, additional proof must be maintained for the audit to confirm the intended recipient is still at the identified address and wants to continue receiving the magazine.

  • Subscriptions ordered but payment not received can be included in verified individually requested.


Breakdown of Verified Individual Use

Verified individual use is reported in two categories:

Individually Requested

To qualify as verified individually requested circulation, the publication must receive and maintain confirmation request from the recipient.

The individual requesting the publication must specifically answer the question, “Do you wish to receive the magazine: Yes____ , No____.” Or the form can request the individual’s signature if they wish to receive the magazine.


  • If the form used to solicit new subscribers does not include offers for other products or services, it is not required to contain the phase asking whether the individual wishes to receive the publication.
  • To receive the digital issue, the form must indicate the recipient requested to receive the publication’s digital issue.

The form must ask the individual to submit their name and address or request their signature.

Example of acceptable request form:

Direct Mail (Name and address are pre-printed; offers yes/no question and signature)

Please indicate one of the following:

___ YES! Please continue my free print subscription to Sports Magazine.

___ YES! Please continue my free digital subscription to Sports Magazine.

___ NO, please cancel my subscription.

Name: Joe Smith
Address: 555 Main Street
City, State, ZIP: Toronto, ON M5S 1S4

Signature: _____________________ Date: __________________ 


Other Individually Addressed

Other individually addressed circulation may be included as verified on AAM reports provided the individual address receiving the magazine is known.

Types of distribution that may be classified as other individually addressed include:

  • List Source: Names and addresses obtained from a recognized directory, list, etc. in which the recipient has an affinity for the magazine.
  • Market Coverage: Distribution to recipient by address only.
  • Delivered with Host Products: Copies that act as inserts to another publication.


Verified Individual Use AAM Reporting

Types of Verified Individual Use Distribution Examples:   Verified Individual Use AAM Reporting 
Individual Use

Individual Use - Bucketed into two subcategories:

  • Individually Requested (A request for the magazine received within 36 months)
  • Other Individually Addressed (All other individually addressed copies where there was an identified recipient) 
Requested  Verified Subscriptions: Individually Requested 


Verified Subscriptions: Other Individually Addressed 
Market Coverage Verified Subscriptions: Other Individually Addressed 
Delivered with Host Product Verified Subscriptions: Other Individually Addressed 


Publisher’s Statement Reporting Example:

Verified circulation as seen on AAM reports

Documentation for Audit

The records necessary for the AAM audit of verified individual use circulation include, but are not limited to:

  • Proof that the copies were printed: may include print orders, print invoices, and proof of payment to printer.
  • For Individually Requested circulation-original orders, (e.g., direct mail forms, telemarketing scripts, online orders, etc.)  showing that the recipient had a choice to receive the magazine. The individual should be presented with the question: Do you wish to receive the magazine? Yes____ No_______.
  • Sources used to obtain the name of the individual must be retained for auditor review (i.e., directories, list, etc.).
  • Source used to obtain the recipient’s name and address should be within 36 months of age to be considered for reporting as verified other individually addressed without additional recipient level information.
  • If a source is utilized in excess of 36 months of age, satisfactory evidence must be made available to auditor confirming the intended recipient is still at the identified address and wishes to continue to receive the magazine.
  • Proof the magazine copies were mailed.