Tour AAM’s news media and audit statements [video]

Watch these short videos for an overview of AAM’s news media reports

AAM’s U.S. and Canadian news media clients issue two main reports: a news media statement featuring the publisher’s claimed circulation and the audit statement featuring the final audited circulation data. These two videos walk you through each report and explain the reporting categories.

News Media Statements

The U.S. and Canada news media statements are published twice a year for the six months ending in March and September. These are detailed reports highlighting the publisher’s unaudited circulation in each category for the six-month period.


Audit Statements

Audit statements are released every year except for those news media with less than 25,000 circulation enrolled in every-other-year audits. The reports feature the news media’s claimed circulation, the auditor’s findings and any differences between the two. News media with less than 25,000 circulation include additional ZIP code data and Canadian news media includes distribution by county, district or municipality. There are slightly different reports for U.S. news media, U.S. news media participating in the community newspaper audit program and Canadian news media.