Magazine media publisher’s statement filing

Instructions on how to submit your magazine data to AAM.

Before you begin:

  • Recommended Browsers: 1) Mozilla Firefox, 2) Google Chrome, 3) Internet Explorer version 9 or higher.
  • Remember to either select “Save” or “Save and Continue” at the bottom of each page.

As an additional resource, view AAM's magazine publisher's statement filing webinar at the end of the article.

Getting Started

The left side navigation is broken into 3 main sections:

  • General Information & Circulation Data
  • Analysis
  • Review/Submit

The Introduction panel contains links to resources as well as contact information.

Introduction screen

Publication Information

Before entering in the circulation data, you will need to provide some basic information about your publication and they type of circulation you are claiming.

Note that some of this information is pre-populated from your previous publisher’s statements. If there are any changes, simply update the information.

When done, click the Save or Save and Continue button at the bottom of the page.

Publication Information screen

Rate Base

The Rate Base panel requires you to either check the box that there was no rate base claimed, or if there was a rate base claimed, to provide the details. Note that there is only one rate base to be entered. If you wish to provide more information, such as issue specific information, you may do so in the text box at the bottom of the page.

Enter your average rate base. If there were issues that had different rate bases during the period (except for special issues, which are excluded from averages), then those should be factored into arriving at the weighted rate base.

If there was a change to the rate base, click the plus sign to add a line, and provide the details.

This section also asks you to state the type of circulation included in the rate base claim. If this is a paid and verified only rate base, then check the first box. If this also includes analyzed non-paid, then check the second box as well.

Rate Base

Average Circulation

On the Average Circulation panel, you will enter your six-month average circulation, by circulation category.

A few items to note:

  • Circulation formerly reported separately as combination sales and award point circulation is now included in the line item of Individual Subscriptions.
  • Circulation formerly reported separately as Group and Military subscriptions is now included in the line item of Sponsored Sales.
  • Circulation formerly reported separately as Single Issue combination sales is now included in the line item of Single Copy Sales

Average Circulation screen

Issue by Issue

On the Issue by Issue panel, enter the circulation for each issue. Under the Assigned Calendar Date section, enter the actual date of the applicable issue (not the on-sale date) by clicking on the red calendar box and selecting the appropriate assigned issue date.

If applicable, you can import your rapid report data by clicking the button.

An analyzed issue must be selected to continue.

Note that the average is shown on this panel, and should tie to the total average reported on the previous Average Circulation panel.

Issue-by-Issue screen

Regional and Demographic Editions

The Regional and Demographic Editions panel allows you to report circulation by edition.

Click on the plus sign to add a row, and enter the applicable information.

Note: This information will appear in the Media Intelligence Center only, and will not appear on the publisher’s statement.

Regional and Demographic Editions screen


On the Prices panel, enter the suggested retail prices effective during the statement period, as well as the average price information.

Prices screen


On the Geographic panel, you will enter the circulation for the designated analyzed Issue (which was indicated on the Issue by Issue panel).

Only the print circulation is reported by state and/or province. Digital Issue circulation is reported at the end of the paragraph, as a single line item.

Note: This information will appear in the Media Intelligence Center only, and will not appear on the publisher’s statement.

Geographic screen

Geographic data may be entered manually or via Excel upload. If you prefer to upload a spreadsheet, please follow these instructions:

1. Click on Download Template and save the downloaded Excel template file to your computer.

Download geographic template

2. Complete the spreadsheet and save the file to your computer. 

Geographic spreadsheet

Note:  The format of the Excel file cannot be changed.  However, you can cut and paste the date elements from your Excel data reports into AAM’s customized Excel template.


3. Return to the Geographic section in the filing tool and select Choose File. Navigate to your completed file and click Open. Then select Upload to populate this section of the filing tool.

Choose your spreadsheet file

4. Edits to your geographic data may be made directly in the tool or you may reupload your Excel spreadsheet to overwrite the data.

Note: Do not add any symbols in AAM’s Excel template. The template format is not editable. The state/provinces/countries order cannot be changed.


5. Click Save or Save and Continue once you are satisfied with your data.

New and Renewal

In the New and Renewal panel, you will analyze the subscriptions sold during the statement period by duration, use of premiums and channels of sales utilized.

Note: This information will appear in the Media Intelligence Center only, and will not appear on the publisher’s statement.

New and Renewal screen


The Notes panel is where you will further explain any circulation claimed within the previous sections.

To see the explanatory notes that are available, you will need to click the Add Notes button.

Once you click on the Add Notes button, a list of all possible disclosures will be presented. Add those that apply to this statement period.

Notes screen

Review and Submit

The Publisher Comments section allows you to enter any comments to AAM. It is not required to submit comments to AAM.

Publisher Comments screen

You may upload any files – such as logo files or cover images, directly into the filing application.

Upload Files screen

The View Data panel summarizes all information entered into the application. This section also allows you to print a summary report of the data. This does not represent the actual publisher’s statement format, as some information reported is only in the Media Intelligence Center, and is not presented in the publisher’s statement.

View Data screen

View Errors screen

Once you have reviewed any errors, and are ready to submit the data to AAM, enter your name, title, and check the box to save the data. This is the certification of the data.

Then click the button to Submit Publisher’s Statement Data to AAM. You will receive a confirmation email stating that the data is submitted.

Submit Data screen

Approve or Reject Your Data Submission

Once you file data in the tool you will receive an automatic email stating that your data has been filed successfully. Next, AAM will review the data and either send an email to you stating that it has been approved or that it needs to be adjusted. If AAM approves the data you will be provided with another opportunity to take another look at the information that you filed in the filing tool and either accept or decline your data submission.

Please note that you will no longer receive a PDF proof of your publisher’s statement for review. Instead, you will need to follow the instructions below to appropriately review and approve or decline your recent data submission. 

1. First you will receive an email from AAM that looks like this.

Data submission email example

2. Click on the link for the Publisher Filing Center and reenter your member number, username and password.

3. Select Publisher’s Statement Filing from the drop-down menu to the right and then choose the most recent period.

4. Once you’re in the tool, click on View Data from the left-hand menu.

View Data section in navigation

5. If you’re satisfied with your data submission, return to the email and select Approve. Now your data will be released to the Media Intelligence Center and the publisher’s statement will be produced and released as well.

Approve your data submission

6. If you’re not satisfied with your data submission, return to the email and select Decline. The filing tool will then be reopened for you to make any adjustments.

Decline your data submission

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