Understanding data analysis options for periodicals

Take a deeper dive into periodical metrics.

AAM’s Media Intelligence Center contains a vast collection of periodical circulation metrics and geographic detail. This deeper analysis resides behind the Analyze Data button.

Begin your analysis by selecting several periodical titles and clicking Analyze Data.

The title window changes, displaying several tab options for the titles selected in the previous menu. Now we can navigate to:

  • Comparisons – View a comparison bar chart showing print and digital issue data for selected periodicals.
    Comparisons tab
  • Reports Library – View the complete library of PDF reports for each title.
    Reports Library tab
  • Audit Status Learn how the audit is progressing for each title including last release, progress, and change dates.
    Audit Status tab
  • Periodical Analyzer – Enter the Periodical Analyzer tool and begin more in-depth analysis for the titles selected. A wide range of reports are available here including geographic detail.
    Periodical Analyzer tab
  • Total Circ – Compare top-line circulation data for selected titles.
    Total Circ tab
  • Snapshot – Create your own customized Snapshot report by selecting from a variety of data fields for your selected titles.
    Snapshot tab

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