Where do I find AAM data and reports?

Here’s how to access the Media Intelligence Center, Magazine Media 360° and more.

AAM’s databases and reports are a treasure trove of information for media buyers and publishers. Here we break down what data is available and where to access it.

Media Intelligence Center

What can I find there? AAM’s database, the Media Intelligence Center, contains print, digital, social media and app metrics for North American news, magazine and business media.

  • Find publisher’s statements for magazine and business media, news media statements for newspapers and audit reports for all publishers.
  • Many publishers have a Brand View profile that provides more information about their market and other media channels.
  • Compare and trend multiple titles in a variety of reports and download them to Excel for further analysis with the News Media Analyzer and Periodical Analyzer.

How do I access the Media Intelligence Center? Registered users can access the Media Intelligence Center via their credentials on AAM’s website.

What if I’m not registered with the Media Intelligence Center, but want access to AAM data? If your company is an AAM client, you automatically receive unlimited access to the Media Intelligence Center. Fill out this form to request access and an AAM representative will follow up with you soon. Not an AAM client? Take a look at the benefits of AAM membership for publishers and media buyers on our site. Please contact us with any questions.

Can I be notified when a particular title’s data is released to the Media Intelligence Center? If you are a registered user, you can set email alerts for new data. This tutorial tells you how. A listing of each week’s released reports is also published to AAM’s website.

Magazine Media 360°

What is included in this report? Magazine Media 360° provides a comprehensive view of magazine media brands across multiple platforms and formats such as print and digital editions, desktop and mobile websites, and video. This quarterly report is available for download in Excel and PDF formats, as well as top 10 lists by platform.

How do I access this report? Fill out this form to download the Magazine Media 360° files for free.

Free Top-Line Periodical Circulation Data

What is this? If you would like a sample of the type of data AAM offers, we provide top-line data for magazine, business and farm media at no charge.

How do I access this data? Visit this page to access a preview of AAM periodical data.

Audited Digital Publishers

Where do I find them? Publishers that have completed the AAM Digital Publisher Audit are indicated on AAM's Media Intelligence Center; integrated into the IAB Tech Lab Compliance Registry, a free online resource of companies that have successfully completed select industry compliance programs; and included in the IAB Tech Lab Transparency Center, which enables bidding on AAM-audited domains. Media buyers can use these resources to find quality publishers, create inclusion lists and prioritize audited websites in DSPs. Marketers can encourage their media partners to participate in the audit by including it in RFPs.


If you have any questions about AAM data, reports and tools, please contact us.