Individual use: list-type sources

Magazine media qualifying verified circulation

The list-type source of individual use verified circulation represents individuals who were sent a subscription to the magazine because their names appear on a list or similar source obtained by the publication.


For list-type source individual use verified circulation to comply with AAM requirements, the following must occur:

  • The source of the list used to obtain the names is consistent with the editorial content of the magazine.
  • The individual must receive at least two consecutive issues of the magazine.
  • The current issue must be served (back copy service is not permitted).
  • Limit of one subscription per recipient.
  • Recipients must be presented with an opportunity to opt-out of the magazine delivery.

Opt-out notice

For list-type source individual use verified circulation, the following guidelines apply to the opt-out notice:

  • For new subscriptions, recipients must be presented with the opt-out notice no later than 90 days after the start of service.
  • For all subscriptions exceeding one year in term, an opt-out notice must be sent to the recipient at least once per year (annually).
  • The notice must specify the title of the magazine.
  • The notice may be provided to the recipient in one of the following ways:
    • Direct mail via the U.S. postal service
      The notice must be devoted to communicating the opportunity to opt-out of delivery of the verified subscription of the magazine. No other message points are permitted in the notice.
    • Cover wrap or cover mount
      A cover wrap or cover mount notice must be posted in a clear and conspicuous manner. The notice must be at least 12 point type and within four lines of the address label. It is acceptable for cover wraps and cover mounts to contain other messages to the recipient provided the notice of opt-out remains clear and conspicuous to the consumer.
    • AAM will consider email opt-out notices, provided the publisher or agent executing the notification can validate delivery of the emails to the recipients.
  • The notice must provide, at minimum, at least one of the following methods for the individual to opt-out of the magazine delivery:
    • Postage-paid postcard
    • A toll-free phone number
    • URL to website hosting an opt-out form
    • A dedicated email address

Examples of acceptable opt-out notices:

Direct Mail (offering a website address opt-out reply:)

Dear Ms. Ann Smith:

We hope you are enjoying the delivery of Proto Magazine to your home.

If for any reason you wish to not receive Proto Magazine, log on to to cancel your service.

Management Staff of Proto Magazine


Cover Wrap (offering a toll-free number to call:)


Chicago Summer School

Come join us at
31 South Street, Chicago, IL


To discontinue receipt of this magazine, please call 1-800-123-2345

Ann Smith
123 Main Street
Anytown, ON A1A 1A1