Public place: hotels

Magazine media qualifying verified circulation

This type of public place verified circulation includes copies distributed to hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts and other similar lodging facilities for in-room use by the guests of the lodging establishment. These copies are for in-room distribution only and are intended to remain in the room for use by future guests.


For hotel public place verified circulation to comply with AAM requirements, each lodging establishment must:

  • Agree (opt-in) to receive delivery of the magazine(s) at its establishment.
  • Receive at least two consecutive issues of the magazine.
  • Receive the current issue of the magazine (back copy service is not permitted).
  • Receive no more than the maximum copy limit, per issue.
    • For magazines published monthly or less frequently, the maximum number of copies each lodging establishment may receive is four copies per guest room.
    • For magazines published more often than monthly, the maximum number of copies each lodging establishment may receive is one copy per guest room.
  • Sign a written agreement with the magazine, or its agent, regarding the details of delivery.


For hotel copies, the signed agreement must be renewed at least once per year (annually) and contain the following information:

  • The name and address of the lodging establishment.
  • Confirm the hotel’s willingness to receive delivery of the magazine(s).
  • Confirm the copies were distributed to the guest rooms for in-room use only.
  • State the title of the magazine(s).
  • State the total number of subscriptions, per magazine, being delivered.
  • State the term of the subscriptions, per magazine, being delivered (term of distribution).
  • State the total number of guest rooms at the establishment.
  • Contain the printed name, title and signature of the executive at the lodging establishment.
  • Contain the date the agreement was signed.