Individual use: ordered/payment not received

Magazine media qualifying verified circulation

Reporting Credit Cancels as Verified Circulation

Magazine publications have the option to report credit cancels (for print or digital editions) under verified individual use or as unpaid. In the audit, this claim will be reconciled to the final cancelled copy quantity found by the auditor. Under the notes section in the publisher’s statement, these copies will be classified under Individual Use - Ordered/Payment Not Received. (See also F 8.14/F 108.14 Credit Subscriptions and Rule F 15.1 (h)/F 115.1 (h) Verified Circulations)

Note: As with all audits, if there is an adjustment to credit cancels, it will be adjusted in both verified and paid circulation.


Credit cancels will be included under Verified Subscriptions - Individual Use. In the notes section of the publisher’s statement under Additional Analysis of Verified, the quantity of credits cancels reported under individual use will be classified under Ordered/Payment Not Received.

Supplemental Analysis of Average Circulation

Additional Analysis of Verified