What to expect when you sign on for a Digital Publisher Audit

These steps provide an overview of the Digital Publisher Audit process.

You should expect your initial audit to be completed within 60-90 days, including the time it takes you to tag your website, review audit requests or make any adjustments to tag placement and analytics filtering. AAM will collaborate with your team to keep your initial audit on track for a 90-day release.

The following steps provide an overview of what you can expect during the audit:

Publisher AAM Auditor
Participate in a kick-off meeting with AAM. AAM sends you a welcome email and sets up a brief meeting to introduce your audit team and review audit requirements and timelines.
Provide AAM “read-only” access to analytics account (required). AAM reviews your web analytics account and confirms your filter rules via email.
Confirm analytics filter rules and make updates if directed to do so.

AAM ensures that the filter rules have been updated accordingly (if needed).

Place the AAM tag in the source code of every page on your website.

AAM provides you with a snippet of code (i.e., the AAM tag) and instructions for installation.

AAM conducts an in-depth analysis of the data collected by our system and reconciles the data to your website analytics reports. We then provide you with the results, our observations and next steps.

Depending on the results from the data reconciliation, you might need to implement additional changes to your filter rules.

AAM reconciles any changes you’ve made and monitors our data collection to ensure that we are in sync with your web analytics reporting.

Complete the Business Process Review form on general website information, web analytics, digital advertising and ad tech, other website vendors and partners, sourced traffic and audience acquisition.  AAM provides you with the Business Process Review form and schedules a meeting to complete the questions. AAM reviews the form and applicable documentation supplied and provides feedback or remediation steps if necessary. 

Complete the initial audit and market your AAM Digital Publisher Audit to buyers and ad tech.

Once AAM completes the initial audit, your website is listed on AAM’s Audited Domain List that is disseminated to the industry. A disclosure report detailing the audit process is released to AAM’s Media Intelligence Center.
Continue collaboration and communication with your AAM auditor. AAM performs ongoing, continuous monitoring and testing. AAM will provide any necessary remediation steps to ensure that your website remains in good standing.


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